Fundamental Rights and Citizenship – Action grants 2013

Fundamental Rights and Citizenship – Action grants 2013

Evropská komise vypsala granty, uzávěrka je 12. 3. 2014.

Granty se týkají následujících témat:

  • Rights of the child
  • Information on where the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights applies and where to turn to if fundamental rights are violated
  • Combating different forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia
  • Fighting homophobia: Enhanced/improved understanding and tolerance
  • Training and networking between legal professions and legal practitioners
  • Awareness-raising about Union citizenship and the rights attached to it and identification of obstacles to their effective exercise
  • Awareness-raising and information about the EU rules on free movement, in particular Directive 2004/38/EC
  • Facilitation of the sharing of knowledge and exchange of best practices on acquisition and loss of Union citizenship
  • Address the gender imbalance in participation in the European Parliament elections
  • Data protection and privacy rights

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